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Streamlining Teacher Candidate Assessment with EPiC™: A Cost-Effective Solution for Teacher Preparation Providers

In the dynamic landscape of teacher preparation, providers face the challenge of assessing, supporting, and reporting teacher candidate data efficiently and cost-effectively. The EPiC™ (Evaluating Pedagogy in the Classroom) Key Assessment emerges as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive evaluation tool that encompasses instructional planning, delivery, assessment, and analysis. Beyond mere evaluation, EPiC™ introduces innovative features that not only enhance candidate growth but also contribute to program improvement.

✭ User-Friendly Handbook

What sets EPiC™ apart is its user-friendly handbook, which simplifies the implementation of Part A: Planning & Instruction and Part B: Assessment & Analysis while making the evaluation process accessible and straightforward. The step-by-step instructions, critical analysis templates, and data-gathering tools support teacher candidates as they plan, teach, analyze, and reflect on their pedagogical acumen. The EPiC™ handbook acts as a how-to guide, offering a seamless experience for providers while ensuring that they can effortlessly harness the assessment's full potential for tracking candidate growth and program improvement.

✭ Opportunities for Personalized Professional Development

Recognizing the significance of personalized professional development, the EPiC™ Key Assessment support dashboard introduces a structured approach for teacher candidates to engage in reflective practice. Online PD Bytes™—one-hour professional learning modules embedded within the dashboard—provide candidates with targeted opportunities to hone key pedagogical skills indicative of highly effective educators. Through self-assessment and critical analysis questions, candidates can identify areas for improvement and strategically select and complete personalized PD Bytes™, fostering continuous growth.

✭ Unlimited Data Reporting for Comprehensive Analysis

The EPiC™ Key Assessment support dashboard goes beyond individual evaluations, offering a holistic view of teacher preparation programs. By automatically aggregating data from assessments, the dashboard becomes a powerful tool for program-wide analysis. This data-driven approach allows institutions to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement easily. Whether for annual program renewal or reporting to accrediting bodies like CAEP, institutions can make informed decisions, refine curriculum structures, and implement targeted interventions, ultimately raising the quality of teacher education programs.

✭ Financially Sustainable Solution

One of the standout features of EPiC™ is its affordability. Priced at a one-time fee of $99 per candidate, the assessment and companion support dashboard offers a cost-effective solution for teacher preparation providers. This transparent pricing structure ensures that institutions can allocate resources more efficiently, avoiding the high costs associated with traditional assessment methods. With EPiC™, quality teacher candidate assessment and program improvement become accessible without straining institutional budgets.


The EPiC™ Key Assessment has emerged as a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for assessing, supporting, and reporting teacher candidate data. Its unique combination of assessment, personalized professional development, and unlimited data reporting positions it as a valuable asset for institutions seeking to enhance the quality of their teacher education programs without exorbitant fees. With EPiC™, the journey toward producing highly effective educators becomes not only effective but also financially sustainable.

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