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EPiC Resources

EPiC's coaching-focused approach provides rich resources to ensure candidates thrive, develop, and refine their teaching strategies

EPiC Support Dashboard

Use simplified "look-fors" aligned to the popular teaching frameworks to offer quick data collection during clinical experiences with robust, research-based results

Candidate Observation

Collect teacher candidate self-assessment data on program perceptions and classroom technology integration practices at the multiple preparation program milestones

LoTi® Survey for Teacher Candidates

Use observed key evidence to electronically score teacher candidate assessments—from multiple evaluators simultaneously—and provide detailed comments with supporting evidence

EPiC™ Evidence-Based Scoring Tool

Download real-time reports for individual candidates, review summative Educator Preparation Provider reports, or download provider raw score data for analysis anytime for no additional fee

Real-Time Candidate & Provider Reports

Recommend targeted PD Byte online support course modules to candidates and completers to provide personalized support and remediation for challenging skills

PD Bytes™ Support Course Modules

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