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Elevate Teacher Preparation with the EPiC Key Assessment

Introducing the Evaluating Pedagogy in the Classroom (EPiC™) Key Assessment

An empirically validated teacher candidate performance evaluation that focuses on pedagogy, coaching, and support to lead all teacher candidates to proficiency.

What is EPiC?

If you're seeking a valid, reliable, and inexpensive alternative to conventional assessment methods for teacher candidates, then EPiC is for you. EPiC was developed in response to a growing number of Educator Preparation Providers nationwide that aim to provide teacher candidates with a simple, flexible, and supportive performance assessment that accurately measures candidates' pedagogical skills.

Developed to Meet Evolving Assessment Needs

EPiC Overview

Emphasizing Coaching, Support, & Program Improvement

At the heart of EPiC is the coaching-driven methodology. Providers and candidates using the assessment gain access to the EPiC Key Assessment online support dashboard for the duration of their preparation program at no additional cost. 


The support dashboard, which includes the research-based LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates, the EPP Candidate Observation, and the PD Bytes support course modules, equips teacher candidates with personalized coaching resources and delivers CAEP-aligned program cohort improvement data to preparation providers. EPiC's coaching-focused approach ensures that candidates thrive, develop, and refine their teaching strategies while providers gain key insights into long-term program trends.

Why EPiC is Different

"I am more effective than I'd imagined. I had to reflect throughout the program, and I am very thankful that I was able to implement as much as I did."


"I learned that I could continue to grow and improve as a professional."


"I actually became a more confident teacher. I doubt myself a lot, but my EPiC scores and observations assure me that I am on the right path and a successful teacher."


"Observing myself via video provided an objective perspective on my actual teaching abilities. I was able to identify several areas for improvement by doing so."


"I learned that my teaching practice is really centered around my relationship with my students. I also learned that I have room for growth in areas of planning and reflection."


Don't just take our word for it. Real stories from candidates who have experienced the EPiC™ journey firsthand underscore the impact of this innovative approach. Discover how coaching, support, and evidence-based assessment come together to empower candidates and elevate teaching.

EPiC's unique evidence-based scoring system improves the reliability of scoring by using key evidence indicators observed during the scoring process to evaluate proficiency.

Improve Reliability with Evidence

Elevate Your Teacher Preparation Program

Shifting Focus from Proficiency to Impact

Embrace Excellence

Providers that embrace the EPiC approach are setting the stage for a new era of teaching excellence. As candidates embark on their teaching journeys, they do so equipped with the tools, insights, and support necessary to make a lasting impact on students' lives.

Empower Candidates

Are you ready to elevate your teacher preparation program with the EPiC Key Assessment? Learn more, schedule a demo, or request additional information now. Empower your candidates with the tools they need to excel in their teaching journey.

Support Continuous Improvement by Reinforcing a Growth Mindset

For aspiring educators, the path to teaching excellence isn't just about certification – it's about growth, support, and empowerment. Former teacher candidates report feeling scrutinized rather than empowered by conventional assessment methods, but EPiC redefines the assessment process by prioritizing coaching, targeted support, and continuous improvement.

With EPiC, candidates don't just pass or fail the assessment; they critically analyze their teacher performance and remediate developing skills to evolve into adaptable and innovative educators. The assessment acts as a catalyst for development and empowers teacher candidates to continue their professional growth journey throughout their careers.

The assessment is a two-part evaluation that measures crucial competencies of the daily instructional cycle including differentiated lesson planning, delivering engaging classroom instruction, assessing student progress, and analyzing progress data to plan for future learning.

What does EPiC Assess?

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