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Unlocking Professional Growth: A Teacher's Journey Through the EPiC Key Assessment

What do teacher candidates actually think about the EPiC™ Key Assessment? In a recent interview with Kevin McKinley, a seasoned educator from the metro Atlanta area, Kevin shares insights into his experience completing the EPiC™ Key Assessment and summarizes his experience with EPiC™ as a pivotal milestone in his teacher preparation program.

What stood out to Kevin were the intricacies of the EPiC™ Key Assessment process, which not only provided structured feedback but also facilitated profound professional reflection and collaboration. Through his lens, the alignment between the EPiC™ Key Assessment and effective teaching practices became strikingly evident. From setting clear learning objectives to fostering a student-centered learning environment, the assessment underscored for Mr. McKinley the importance of data-informed decision-making, reflective practice, and collaboration within professional learning communities.

Kevin McKinley's experience serves as a reminder to Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) of the profound impact assessments like EPiC™ can have—not just in evaluating proficiency but in fostering a culture of lifelong learning and continuous growth.

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