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Streamlining CAEP Self-Study Reporting with EPiC™: A Guide for Educator Preparation Programs

In the realm of educator preparation, accreditation holds paramount importance. It signifies a commitment to quality, adherence to standards, and ultimately, the enhancement of student and teacher outcomes. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) sets rigorous standards, necessitating comprehensive data gathering and reporting. However, this process can be daunting without the right tools and strategies in place. Enter EPiC™ (Evaluating Pedagogy in the Classroom) – a platform designed to simplify the data gathering and reporting process for program renewal including the CAEP Self-Study Report.

Simplifying Data Gathering and Reporting with EPiC™:

EPiC™ revolutionizes the way educator preparation programs approach data gathering and reporting for CAEP Self-Study. Through its intuitive Support Dashboard, providers gain access to a variety of reports 24/7 tailored to targeted CAEP Standards, streamlining the accreditation process and enhancing efficiency.

Alignment with CAEP Standards:

EPiC™ offers a range of reports designed to showcase alignment with specific CAEP standards. For instance, the EPiC™ Provider Summary Report provides a comprehensive overview of alignment with CAEP Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge. Similarly, the LoTi® Survey for Teacher Candidates Provider Summary Report facilitates the demonstration of growth regarding CAEP Standard 4: Program Impact and Standard 5: Quality Assurance System and Continuous Improvement.

Providing Evidence for Standards:

In addition to summarizing alignment, EPiC™ equips providers with tangible evidence to support each CAEP standard. The EPP Observation Provider Summary Report, for instance, offers insights into clinical partnerships and practice (Standard 2) and candidate recruitment, progression, and support (Standard 3), bolstering the CAEP Self-Study reporting process with concrete examples.


As educator preparation programs navigate the complexities of accreditation, tools like EPiC™ emerge as invaluable assets. By simplifying data gathering and reporting, EPiC™ empowers providers to showcase their alignment with CAEP standards effectively using multiple measures. Ultimately, this streamlined approach not only facilitates the accreditation or program renewal process but also fosters continuous improvement, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education to students and candidates alike.

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