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Measuring Effective Technology Integration with the EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard

Updated: Mar 8

Preparing future teachers to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms is a critical aspect of any teacher education program. The EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard includes the empirically-validated LoTi (Levels of Technology Implementation) Survey recognized worldwide to assess, enhance, and tailor technology integration practices based on the 2022 CAEP Standards and the ISTE Standards for Educators. This post delves into the features and benefits of the LoTi Survey, showcasing how the survey as part of the EPiC™ Support Dashboard can revolutionize teacher preparation programs.

EPiC™ Support Dashboard

The EPiC™ Support Dashboard serves as a centralized hub for program providers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and improving teacher preparation. From conducting EPiC™ assessments to tracking clinical observations and survey data, the dashboard streamlines the assessment process. Program providers can recommend targeted professional learning modules embedded in the EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard based on assessment, observation, and survey results and access detailed summative reports for a holistic view of candidate performance aligned to the inTASC, CAEP, and ISTE Standards for Educators.

LoTi Survey for Candidates

The LoTi Survey, tailored for teacher candidates, is a game-changer in gauging technology integration skills. It provides program providers with a nuanced profile of cohort-specific data aligned with InTASC and CAEP Standards as well as the ISTE Standards for Educators. The companion EPP Observation Tool complements the LoTi Survey by documenting and corroborating candidate technology integration practices, offering a multi-faceted approach to program improvement. By employing the same research-based metrics for self-assessment and observed classroom practices, the program maximizes its impact.

Empowering Candidates

The LoTi Survey not only benefits program providers in meeting accreditation metrics but also empowers teacher candidates. Each candidate receives personalized results, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. These results are accompanied by tailored suggestions for future professional learning, creating a practical roadmap for individual growth. Moreover, candidates gain access to a wealth of resources aligned with survey metrics, enabling them to implement their growth plan immediately in the classroom.

Practical Implementation

The integration of the EPiC™ Key Assessment and the LoTi Survey into teacher preparation programs is a strategic move toward preparing educators for the digital age. Program providers can utilize the data-driven insights to refine curriculum, tailor professional development, and ensure alignment with accreditation standards. By providing candidates with actionable feedback and resources, the program bridges the gap between theory and practice, fostering a cohort of tech-savvy educators ready to excel in modern classrooms.


Incorporating the LoTi Survey and the EPP Observation Tool into the EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard for teacher preparation programs represents a paradigm shift in how we approach technology integration in education. This dynamic duo empowers program providers with robust assessment tools while equipping candidates with personalized insights and resources for professional growth. By embracing these innovative tools, teacher preparation programs can produce educators who are not just proficient in using technology but are transformative agents in the digital learning landscape.

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