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Focus on Coaching & Feedback with the EPiC™ Support Dashboard

According to renowned educator Sir Ken Robinson, "Coaching provides the support and encouragement people need to explore their own potential and develop their skills." While popular teacher preparation assessments measure teacher candidates' summative skills, they offer little in the way of formative coaching or in-program support. Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) using the EPiC™ Key Assessment gain access to a powerful suite of tools—via the EPiC™ Support Dashboard—designed to provide real-time check-ins, support formative coaching, and lend professional learning support, while also gathering important accreditation data for providers.

EPiC™ Key Assessment

The EPiC™ Key Assessment is the heart of the dashboard, offering a validated tool to evaluate teacher candidate performance. Organized into two parts—Part A: Planning & Instruction and Part B: Assessment & Analysis—this tool provides flexible scoring options that accurately measure teaching practices using observed evidence.

LoTi® Survey for Teacher Candidates

The LoTi® Survey helps track teacher candidates' use of instructional best practices and technology integration aligned with the InTASC, ISTE, and CAEP Standards. By collecting self-assessment data at different stages of the program, it allows providers to tailor coaching support to meet evolving needs while creating tech-savvy educators.

EPP Candidate Observation

The EPP Candidate Observation tool simplifies the collection of clinical experience data by using straightforward criteria to gather comprehensive feedback and help teacher candidates identify strengths and areas for improvement. Tracking self-assessment data alongside field observation data, EPPs can identify gaps between the candidate's and the provider's perceptions of teaching performance and address them.

PD Bytes™ Online Courses

PD Bytes™ are bite-sized, self-paced online courses that explore best practice teaching skills. Each course covers a single classroom strategy and provides practical resources and templates that can be used in the classroom right away. This flexible learning option allows teacher candidates to improve their skills anytime, anywhere.


The EPiC™ Support Dashboard is a comprehensive tool for supporting teacher preparation candidates— combining performance assessments, surveys, observation tools, and online courses to provide an empirically-validated, locally-run, and coaching-focused solution for only $99 per candidate. Emphasizing coaching and support ensures that educators are ready to meet the challenges of today's classrooms and develop their full potential as highly qualified educators.

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