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Unlocking Teaching Excellence: Top 5 Reasons to Choose the EPiC™ Key Assessment in 2024

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the demand for effective teacher preparation has never been higher. In the quest for cultivating outstanding educators, the EPiC™ Key Assessment (Evaluating Pedagogy in the Classroom) stands out as a revolutionary tool for evaluating and enhancing teacher candidates' skills. In 2024, here are the top five reasons why educators and teacher preparation providers should consider adopting the EPiC™ Key Assessment.

  1. Authentic Tasks that Bridge Theory and Practice The EPiC™ Key Assessment offers a unique approach by immersing teacher candidates in authentic tasks that mirror real-world classroom scenarios. From Part A (Planning & Instruction) to Part B (Assessment & Analysis), candidates are provided with opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This hands-on experience ensures that teachers are well-equipped to handle the challenges of actual classrooms, fostering a seamless transition from academic learning to effective teaching practices.

  2. Evidence-Based Scoring Tool The EPiC™ Key Assessment is built on a foundation of evidence-based markers or “keys.” The assessment tool is meticulously designed to capture the multifaceted aspects of effective teaching. By utilizing a research-driven framework, the EPiC™ Key Assessment ensures that the evaluation process is not only reliable and valid but also reflective of the latest advancements in educational research. This commitment to evidence-based evaluation guarantees a comprehensive and accurate assessment of teacher candidates' pedagogical capabilities without the need for excessive and time-consuming interrater reliability training.

  3. Opportunities for Personalized Professional Development Recognizing the importance of personalized professional development, the EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard provides teacher candidates with structured opportunities for reflective practice using online PD Bytes. These PD Bytes address key pedagogical skills indicative of highly effective educators. Through self-assessment and critical analysis questions, candidates critically analyze their teaching practices, identify areas for improvement, and strategically select and complete personalized PD Bytes for ongoing growth.

  4. Unlimited Data Reporting The EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard goes beyond individual evaluations; it contributes to the enhancement of teacher preparation programs as a whole. The data generated from the assessments is automatically aggregated for easy analysis to identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement for annual program renewal or CAEP reporting. This data-driven approach enables institutions to make informed decisions, refine curriculum structures, and implement targeted interventions, ultimately elevating the quality of teacher education programs.

  5. Measuring Effective Technology Integration The use of digital tools and resources is emblematic of 21st-century classrooms. The EPiC™ Key Assessment Dashboard includes observation and survey devices to capture, quantify, and report effective technology integration practices by teacher candidates using the internationally recognized and empirically validated LoTi (Levels of Technology Implementation) Framework.


In an era where budget constraints are a reality for many educational institutions, the EPiC™ Key Assessment offers a cost-effective solution. Priced at $99 per candidate, this assessment tool provides exceptional value without compromising on quality. The affordability of the EPiC™ Key Assessment ensures that even institutions with limited resources can access a cutting-edge evaluation tool, democratizing the opportunity for teacher candidates to receive a high-quality and comprehensive assessment of their pedagogical skills.

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