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Discover EPiC™—A Modern, Reliable, and Affordable Preparation Assessment Solution

As statewide policies requiring that Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) use specific state-approved teacher preparation assessments are shifting, the demand for diversity in valid and reliable preparation assessments continues to grow. Providers seeking a cost-effective alternative need look no further than the EPiC™ Key Assessment. Using evidence-based scoring to ensure reliability, EPPs are choosing EPiC™ to coach, assess, and support teacher candidates throughout their teacher preparation journey. EPiC™ enhances candidate growth and contributes to program improvement while remaining cost-effective.

Simplify Assessment Tasks with a Universal Handbook

EPiC™ stands for Evaluating Pedagogy in the Classroom—the focus on pedagogical skills means there is a single, user-friendly assessment handbook designed to measure teaching practices from candidates of all grade levels and subject areas. The universal handbook provides step-by-step instructions, critical analysis templates, and data-gathering tools to support teacher candidates in planning, teaching, analyzing, and reflecting on their pedagogical skills. This handbook ensures providers can easily track candidate growth and program improvement.

Provide Transparency and Support Best Practices with Evidence

EPiC's evidence-based scoring tool uses concrete evidence to transform assessment criteria into actionable feedback, enhancing transparency for candidates. This system provides clear insights into scores and targeted feedback on strengths and weaknesses. Employing specific evidence markers eliminates ambiguity and reduces the need for extensive training, ensuring universal applicability across PreK-12 classrooms and content areas, and allowing alignment with program coursework.

Present Personalized Professional Development Opportunities

The EPiC™ Support Dashboard introduces a structured approach to personalized professional development. Online PD Bytes™—one-hour professional learning modules embedded within the dashboard—offer teacher candidates targeted opportunities to develop key pedagogical skills. Through self-assessment and critical analysis, candidates can engage in reflective practice to foster their professional growth.

Analyze Comprehensive Program Data

The EPiC™ Support Dashboard provides a holistic view of teacher preparation programs by aggregating data from individual EPiC™ Assessments, teacher candidate surveys, and field observation data. This data-driven approach allows EPPs to easily identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement. Real-time access to program data and reports allows EPPs to make informed decisions, refine curricula, and implement targeted interventions for program-wide enhancement.

Explore a Financially Sustainable Solution

The standout feature of EPiC™ is its affordability. Priced at a one-time fee of $99 per candidate, the EPiC™ Key Assessment and included EPiC™ Support Dashboard tools offer a cost-effective solution for teacher preparation providers. This transparent pricing structure helps institutions allocate resources more efficiently, avoiding the high costs associated with traditional assessment methods.


EPiC™ is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for assessing, supporting, and reporting teacher candidate data. Its unique combination of assessment, personalized professional development, and comprehensive data reporting positions it as a valuable asset for EPPs given the autonomy to choose their preferred teacher preparation assessment. With EPiC™, enhancing the quality of teacher education programs becomes both effective and financially sustainable.

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